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Berman Group Quietly Ran Anti-Trump Ads Under Obscure Trade Name

In mid-May, Richard Berman, the infamous president of corporate public relations firm Berman and Company, published an op-ed in The Washington Times decrying an investigation into the lack of female directors in Hollywood because, in his view, “China’s growing direct and indirect control of soft communications like movies and radio” is a greater concern. Calling the probe of gender bias in the film industry a “domestic comedy,” Berman concluded, “instead, let’s focus on the tragedy that is China’s ongoing control of women’s bodies, USA assets and the movie industry.” Read More ›

We’re Still Waiting on Explanations From the Republican FEC Commissioners

The Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) has been heavily—and rightly—criticized for its failure to enforce federal campaign finance laws. New research by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), however, shows an additional—and even more basic—area where a number of FEC commissioners are failing in their jobs: the three Republican commissioners have repeatedly failed to fulfill their legal obligation to explain their decisions to block enforcement. Read More ›

Scandals and Scoundrels

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