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CREW Calls for Investigation into Center for Medical Progress for Lying to IRS

CREW Requests FEC and DOJ Investigate American Conservative Union’s Illegal Conduit Contribution

CREW to FEC: Comments on Addressing Corruption and Deficiencies in Disclosure

CREW Files IRS Complaint Against the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition

CREW Files Complaints Against Koch-Linked Groups and Sean Noble for Lying to IRS, FEC

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Trump and Bondi’s Controversial Relationship

CREW Sues FEC Over Rove and Crossroads GPS Dismissal

CREW Files Criminal Complaint Against Rubio Finance Chair, DC Power Players

More Evidence of Rubio Group Illegal Activity

CREW Calls on IRS and FEC to Scrutinize National Rifle Association Over Financial Irregularities

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Despite Initial Hesitance, Americans for Prosperity Ups Lobbying Presence on Capitol Hill

Groups Tied to Nonprofit Leading SCOTUS Blockade Regularly Target AG Candidates

Arizona Steps Into the Dark

National Rifle Association Increases Contributions to State Political Groups in 2015

Dark Money Fuels Florida Solar Energy Ballot Initiative Fight

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The Real Scandal at the IRS - Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC

The Future of the Federal Election Commission - Panel Discussion

CREW’s CHGO report cited on the Senate floor

Melanie Sloan Discusses American Action Network

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CREW Signs Petition to SEC to Require Disclosure of Political Activities by Public Companies

CREW Joins Coalition Calling on Gov. McAullife to Strengthen Ethics Bill

CREW Calls on Congress to Investigate Short Sellers Influencing Government to Maximize Profits

CREW and Coalition Sign Letter to Congress in Support of Stop Super PAC Candidate Coordination Act

CREW Joins Coalition of 84 Groups Calling on Pfizer to End their Affiliation with ALEC

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CREW Report: They’d Like to Buy the World with Koch

Dark Money Disclosure:    990 Tax Returns

Scoundrel of the Month February 2013

Scoundrel of the Year 2012

Government’s Failure to Adequately Police Elections

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