Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY)

Representative Gregory Meeks

Under Investigation by: The DOJ.

Under Investigation for: Federal investigators are looking into whether Rep. Meeks and several other Queens politicians used several local nonprofit groups to benefit themselves, their families, and their friends.  Federal investigators are also examining a sweetheart deal Rep. Meeks received on a house he purchased in 2006.  Rep. Meeks bought the house from a campaign contributor for $830,000, but a few months later the city assessed it at $1.24 million.  Finally, the DOJ is investigating Rep. Meeks’ ties to convicted financier R. Allen Stanford.

Previously, the OCE investigated Rep. Meeks for two loans he received to pay off and furnish his house: a $40,000 loan he received from a personal friend, Edul Ahmad, in 2007, and a $59,650 loan he received in 2010 to pay off the earlier loan.  The House Ethics Committee also investigated the 2007 loan, but dismissed the allegations surrounding the 2010 loan following the OCE’s recommendation.  On May 18, 2011, the OCE referred its investigation of Rep. Meeks to the House Ethics Committee.   On December 18, 2012, the House Ethics Committee cleared Rep. Meeks of any wrongdoing surrounding the loan.  The committee found no credible evidence that Rep. Meeks’ failure to disclose the loan on his financial disclosure forms for three years was “knowing or willful.”  The committee also accepted Rep. Meeks’ claim that the loan terms were agreed to in writing and that the loan documents had been lost.

Status: On April 13, 2010, Rep. Meeks announced on the House floor that a federal grand jury had served him with a subpoena relating to their investigation of Rep. Meeks’ ties to the nonprofit groups.  On July 28, 2012, the New York Post reported the U.S. Attorney’s Office had issued a subpoena to one of the nonprofits seeking information about the federal funding Rep. Meeks secured for the group.  In July 2012, the FBI arrested Mr. Ahmad on unrelated charges of mortgage fraud, and in October 2012, he submitted a guilty plea.  He is awaiting sentencing.  The status of the investigations concerning Rep. Meeks’ ties to Allen Stanford and his home purchase is unknown.