CREW Joins Coalition Calling on Gov. McAullife to Strengthen Ethics Bill

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CREW and a coalition of organizations have signed a letter to Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) asking him to send the bill known as "State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act, General Assembly Conflicts of Interest Act," (HB 2070 and SB1424) back to the General Assembly with amendments to significantly stregthen the bills. These measures in their current form are riddled with significant loopholes that undermine their purpose. 

The letter notes that these identical bills, in their current form, do little to curb the problems that they purport to correct. The bills, as passed, significantly lag behind what a number of other states require in their state ethics laws and of their state legislators. The letter calls on Gov. McAuliffe send these bills back to the General Assembly with proposed amendments to address the bill's deficiencies. 

Read the letter to Governor McAuliffe here.