Bobby Jindal - Louisiana

Bobby Jindal Worst Governor

Gov. Jindal’s campaign donors like to curry favor by donating to his wife’s charitable foundation, and one of Gov. Jindal’s appointees has landed his administration in legal hot water.

In 2010, Gov. Jindal appointed Bruce Greenstein as secretary of Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals despite concerns about potential conflicts of interest. Not long after, questions arose about a $200 million state contract the department awarded to Mr. Greenstein’s former employer. After documents surfaced disproving his assertion that he was not involved in the decision, Mr. Greenstein resigned amid a federal probe, and the contract was canceled. In May, the state attorney general’s office launched an investigation into the matter.

Some of Gov. Jindal’s largest corporate campaign contributors have also donated heavily to a foundation set up by his wife. A March 2011 review found that nine of 13 corporate donors who collectively pledged at least $790,000 to the Jindal Foundation also contributed more than $100,000 to Gov. Jindal’s campaign between 2007 to 2011.

  • Elected in 2007; re-elected in 2011
  • Appointed a cabinet secretary who was ultimately forced to resign after improperly awarding a state contract to his former company; federal authorities and the state attorney general are investigating the matter
  • Accepted campaign funds from corporate donors with significant interests before the state that also supported wife’s charitable foundation

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