Rick Perry - Texas

Rick Perry Worst Governor

They say don’t mess with Texas, but Gov. Perry’s record is a mess.

Gov. Perry has appointed hundreds of campaign donors to state posts and, in turn, raised millions of dollars in campaign funds from his appointees and their spouses. Gov. Perry has used multimillion-dollar state programs created to lure businesses and jobs to Texas as slush funds to reward his political allies and donors.

In contrast to his predecessors, Gov. Perry does not disclose the details of his daily schedule or list guests who stay overnight at the governor’s mansion. Additionally, since January 2011, Gov. Perry has taken advantage of an obscure provision in Texas law that allows him to “double-dip,” collecting a state pension in addition to his governor’s salary.

  • Succeeded to the governorship in 2000; elected to a full term in 2002 and reelected in 2006 and 2010; not seeking re-election in 2014
  • Used multimillion-dollar state programs as slush funds to reward political allies and donors
  • Flouts transparency by obscuring his security costs and daily schedule and deleting official emails every seven days
  • Double-dips by collecting a state pension while simultaneously drawing a salary as governor

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