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Slush funds, expensive gifts, and cozy relationships with donors and lobbyists: CREW's list of the Worst Governors in America proves there are plenty of misbehaving politicians outside the Beltway, too.

Although CREW assigns no ranking system to the list, this is your chance to have your voice heard and tell us who YOU think is the THE Worst Governor in America.

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The Nominees for Worst Governor

Rick Scott

Nathan Deal

Resigning from Congress to avoid an ethics investigation was only the beginning of Gov. Deal’s corrupt track record. He hired his daughter-in-law to work on his campaign, paying her company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and appointed a chairman of the state’s ethics commission who appears to have forced out two investigators involved in an investigation of Gov. Deal’s campaign.

Paul LePage

Gov. Paul LePage, Maine

Augusta is a dangerous place for anyone who gets in the way of Gov. LePage’s ALEC-written agenda. He’s hired lobbyists who formulated an anti-regulation agenda and engaged in politically motivated firings of state employees, and is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Solicitor General for bullying employees.

Rick Perry

They say don’t mess with Texas, but Gov. Perry’s record is a mess. He used multimillion-dollar state programs as slush funds to reward political allies and donors, and flouts transparency by obscuring his security costs and daily schedule. He’s also been double-dipping by collecting a state pension while simultaneously drawing salary as governor.

Bob McDonnell

Gov. McDonnell promoted the interests of donors and businesses that lavished gifts on his family. He accepted gifts from major donors and businesses working with the state, and used his office to promote a product of one company that provided campaign donations and gifts. He is under investigation by the FBI, Virginia State Police, and Richmond Commonwealth Attorney’s office.

Scott Walker

Gov. Walker rode the Koch Brothers’ coattails to victory in 2010 and went to illegal extremes to pass anti-union legislation. He violated the Wisconsin Constitution and state law by tracking down state senators to force a vote on a measure backed by his campaign donors to eliminate collective bargaining rights. He also faced a wide-ranging investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney resulting in embezzlement charges and campaign finance-related charges against his aides.


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